Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Sullen Bat

Forgot to post this. I did this about 3 weeks ago for my sketch blog KEEP IT FRESH batman week
I love this, one of my favorite pieces ive done
11x14 ink on paper with digital colors. For sale contact me for detail 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aliens, The Cape, and Death's Head

Aliens Vs. Superman page
Dan Jurgens (Penciller)
Kevin Nowlan (Inker)
Larson James (Colors)
I had a lot of fun coloring this page, I've never read the comic before but this the second page I've colored if it (last one was Aliens vs Superman cover with James Whynot Link )
Anyway I love all the little nooks and carneys of the Xeno that are just so much fun

The Cape page
Line art by Zach Howard 
Colors by Larson James aka ME
again I had so much fun on this. I'm very proud of the wood, its not a photo texture, just a lot of texture brushes. Also I really like the Chainsaw blade 

Death's Head II
Lines by Johnny Segura
Johnny did this sketch for me awhile back of the great character in comic book history, sadly though the rest of the world doesn't agree so he didn't have much of a run.
Anyway back to the art Johnny did this awesome digital sketch of Darksider with this bright green back lighting and i liked it so much, so I decided to color this with that image in mind. Pretty happy with it. Normally for a Death's Head close up he has a big glare light coming off of his right eye, I was going to do that but decided it would be to much

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Larson James

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Will add more art soon!

Sorry for not being around much and not updated. My computer broke a few weeks ago so there's not much I could do. Got my computer but it in the "shop" transferring all my stuff onto my new one, I'll have it back in a few days. Also I finally got a large scale 11x17 scanner a few days ago so I can finally scan in my pages! Because I haven't been able to do an digital work I've been drawing a lot so once I get my computer back I'll have an art dump on a bunch of pretty cool ink drawings. I've got a pretty cool two face, a few invader zim's, a new banner for this page, my Facebook, and my tumblr, and a few more random shit. I'll also be re scanning a bunch of old shit.

Im really getting into inking now, lately I've been drawing just so I can ink it. It's a lot of fun, I really enjoy it. Even though I'm mainly a colorist and all that is done digitally, I enjoy working traditionaly, pencil and pen on paper, I find it much easier and just more enjoyable. With inking the main things I have to worry about are spilling my ink jar and smudging the inks I just laid down, but with digital you have worry about how much space you have on your computer, make sure your not running a lot of programs at once, your computer crushing, saving etc.... Having said that there are some great advantages to digital, ctrl-z (the biggest thing!) less prep work (no scanning etc.) making changes are much faster and easier, no wet medium so there's no waiting for ink to dry to finish. All in all it tough to say which I like better they both have many pros and many cons.

Till next time..
Larson James

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tools I Use

Lately I've been getting a lot questions about what i use to draw, ink, and color with, so I thought I'd go over what I use and why

-For most of my drawing I use Starthmore 300 Smooth Bristol board at 9x12. no real reason why that brand its just the only kind I've used and I like it so I don't see and reason to try something new.
-For pencils I use a 0.7 mechanical pencil, with 2H lead. Most comic artist use a lead holder, I have one but I really don't like it it weighs to much, and sharpening it is a pain, with a mechanical all I have to do is push a button. I like 2H lead because its that perfect (for lack of a better word) blend of hardness. Its soft enough that I don't have to tear into my paper and kill my hand by applying so much pressure, and also hard enough so that it doesn't smear much. I used to use 4H lead but one my hand and wrist would start to hurt after a few hours, and the harder the lead the harder it is to erase. I wrap my pencils, even some of my brushes in gauze tape to keep my hand from cramping.  
-For eraser I only use two, a keened and a small click erase. They both do the job just fine

-Finding the right ink took awhile and a few bucks but I did finally the perfect ink (for me) it's Dr. Ph. Martian's   Black Star Matte. I LOVE this ink! its BLACK, the only time you have to double coat it to avoid browning out is big areas. But other then that its great! I've tried just about every ink I could find, some were to thick, others were't black enough and some were so glossy it scanned funny. Highly recommend this ink.
-Brushes, again a pain to find your perfect match but once you do you'll never go back. My favorite brush is Winsor & Newton Series 7 #1. I use it for most if not all my brush inking. I do use a small 18/0 liner for extra tight line work, but I could get the same line weight with the W&N #1. For filling in large areas I mainly use just some random flat brush I have from when I painted, I believe its a size 2 maybe 3. I do also use a W&N Series 7 #3 but not very often.  BE CAREFUL! These brushes aren't cheap so take care of them!! When I'm done with one of my nice brushes I clean it! I use "The Master's Brush Cleaner" ever time! If its a cheap $5 brush I don't care, dip it in some water get as much ink as I can then put it back. But for a $20 (the #3 was $47 >:( ) brush I take care of it, I don't have the money to go get a new brush every week or so. I know a few inkers who have been using the same brush for at the most 2 years, because they take care of it.
I do also use a crow quill Hunt 102. I like them a lot just most of the work I've been doing lately requires  lots of line weights and a brush is easier.

-I have a Wacom intous4 Large. I love my tablet! the only draw back is you have to look at your screen not your hand to draw, which makes drawing on it pretty difficult.
-Only program I use to color is Photoshop CS5. Again it works perfect for what I need so I don't see the point in getting another program.
-I use my MacBook, it is hooked up to this awesome 21' monitor a friend gave me. Because my laptop cant handle a lot of Psd. files I always have my 2 TB hard drive hooked up to it with all my files saved into it. 
-Two quick tips about coloring:
       1) ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINISHED FILES! That way if your editor says "This needs to be a different color" you can change it in a flash 
       2) Because I live in Missouri and the humidity is crazy high my hand tends to stick to the tablet. You can buy a Wacom smudge guard but thats around $20, so what I did was make my own. It was very easy. You just take a thin felt glove and cut out   all the finger but your pinky and ring finger, be sure to leave the wrist part attached otherwise it won't work. Yes you kinda look stupid but who gives a shit?! It helps!! I even use it when I'm drawing or inking for the same reason so your hand doesn't stick and smear all over your hand.

Well thats pretty much all the tools I use. Hope this helped! If you have any further questions just shoot me an email or message me on Facebook or DeviantART, I did just make a Tumblr so you have one be sure to follow me

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

fartin around

Line art by Robert Atkins

Lineart by James Whynot

Aliens Vs Superman

Pencils by Drew Zucker
Inks by James Whynot
Colors by Larson James ME!
I had so much fun coloring this one! it was so easy, I knew what I was going to do every step of the way. It just flowed very well! I think this is one of my best pieces and a few others agree, theyve said some great things!

I made a video of myself coloring this, surprisingly only took a little less then 2 hours but I sped up the video to about nine mins. HOPE YOU ENJOY

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